10.1 inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame

10.1 inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame
Resolution:1280*800 IPS Touch

10.1 inch WiFi Photo Frame Support Frameo APP

Frameo APP

To send photos or video to your frame, use the frameo app for iOS or Android

Frameo is an easy way to share your photos or video with the people you love. Send photos or video directly from your smart phone to a Frameo WIFI digital photo frame and allow friends and family to enjoy your best moments.


How to Use Frameo

FRAMEO 10.1 Inch Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame 1920x1200 FHD IPS LCD Touch Screen

FRAMEO 10.1 Inch Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame Digital Picture Frame

10.1 inch Frameo digital photo frame

Download Free Frameo APP

Download the frameo app on:

Google play by searching for"Frameo"

App Store by searching for"Frameo"

Frameo Setup

When starting your frame for the first time, you will need to setup the frame.

Connect your frame to the internet by connecting it to a Wi-Fi.

Enter your name, and the location where you have placed your frame.

Using Frameo

Share the unique code to your friends to add them to your frame. The code would be valid for 12 hours to keep your frame safe and get rid of strangers' requests.

How to Use Frameo Transfer Photos or Videos

frameo digital picture frame 10.1 inch




FRAMEO 10 Inch Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame

Wi-Fi & App “Frameo”

Frameo digital picture frame can receive photos and videos with WiFi (2.4GHZ) connected. And with the free App “Frameo”( it can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store), you can quickly and easily share your wonderful moments with beloved ones

Share Photos or Videos

The digital picture frame is not a traditional frame which can only display photos, it can also play lively videos with max.15 seconds! The videos support MP4 format and can only be sent from app “Frameo”. Besides, you can put a unique caption on photos and videos.

Built-in 16GB, Support Micro SD Card

This WiFi frame has unlimited free cloud storage and built-in 16GB memory. Support Micro SD Card (max 32GB) extend storage, also can Import and Export pictures or videos.



10.1 inch wifi digital photo frame

Auto-Rotate Function

WiFi digital picture frame can automatically rotate photos to adjust the direction, and the border will be filled to blur the background. Enjoy your intact photos in full screen.

User Management

You can easily maintain your intimate network in this photo frame by adding new users and managing your bound users. You can add up to 20 users, and you can also delete to add other users

Package Include

1×Digital photo frame

1×DC adapter


1×User Manual