43 inch Intelligent Kiosk Digital Signage

43 inch Intelligent Kiosk Digital Signage
* 43 Inch

*Main  IC  :  RK3288 Quad Core

* Android 6.0

*1920*1080 IPS

* 2G/16GB

*HDMI:  output

43-inch interactive digital signage kiosk

*Size:43 inch
*RK3288  Quad Core
* Android 6.0/8.1
*Support Customized Services


Appearance characteristics

1.Wall Mount: Bracket is optional for desktop placement of the device;Equipped with wall mounting bracket, support portal or landscape installation.

2. Original A + screen:Offers exceptionally smooth and crisp viewing experience due to its 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution

3. Lightweight fuselage: easy to install

4. Cooling hole: The fuselage has its own cooling holes to ensure that the machine can continue to operate, effectively reduce the damage caused by high temperature to the machine, and greatly prolong the service life of the machine.


Use Scenarios

1. Supermarket advertising: It can be used for shops to display their own product details, prices and other information, as well as advertising in the elevator, and so on

2. Medical treatment: It can be used for doctor information display screen at the entrance of the clinic, doctor information display in the corridor, and registration display screen

3. Gym: treadmill exercise, heart rate, speed and other information display, exercise information record display, rowing machine display, strength, speed, boxing, yoga and other tutorial video play

4. Catering industry: It can be used for a variety of small, medium and large milk tea shop product information display, catering advertising, food production process video play, corporate chain example display